Angel Number 101

Angel number 101 is a separate number in numerology symbolizes reflection of human consciousness, abilities and personal characteristics. If the angel number 101 frequently meets in your life then it warns about forthcoming changes.

Meaning of 101

Meaning of 101 Numerology number has a very versatile value. One is a symbol of leadership, individual capabilities. And zero is a reflection of the beginning of something new and auspicious completion. It means no value, it cannot be counted. It’s like the love of God, which can’t be seen or measured. It’s an infinite energy, spirituality and faith that people can be endowed with.

Zero has nothing to do with material values. All that matters is spirituality and the ability to unlock potential. In combination with units, it becomes even stronger, gaining a number of positive values:

  • Individual possibilities will contribute to the favorable completion of some things;
  • The knowledge of how to build your own future, regardless of your financial situation;
  • The ability to analyse one’s own weaknesses, getting better every day.
  • There is also the hidden meaning of this number. 100 × 1 = 100. This means the human consciousness, which, through efforts and work in the right direction will become a perfect model of mind, for many people is not yet achievable.

If a number is often found in life…
If the person on the life way frequently meets number 101, it is necessary to be warned as its basic value in numerology is connected with the latent desires, basically bad, cunning and insidious.

The leading figure in number – 1. It reflects the actions made by own forces, therefore at any problems it is not necessary to give in to desires, solving them by personal cunning, or following advice of associates. It is important to get a grip on yourself and overcome the difficulties encountered. So the person will become stronger and more confident. Due to simplicity, he will achieve the ideal.

Positive impact of the number

Carriers of number 101 are distinguished by diligence and purposefulness, but the approach in overcoming obstacles and solving some problems they have innovative. Such a person has developed logical thinking and is capable of achievements, especially in the professional field.

In the working process, the carriers of zero and two units are no equal. Such people:

  • are interested in every little thing on the way to success;
  • and they know how to solve problems consistently;
  • offer original solutions to problems;
  • become an example for their colleagues.

It is also important that in the relationship to the work of the carriers of number 101 one feels loyalty. The bosses of such people appreciate it.

Negative impact

The number 101 is dangerous for those people who by nature have a low level of spiritual development. In such people it reveals all bad character traits. Selfish tendencies, jealousy, rudeness, etc. become apparent to all.

Most often such advice is stupid and useless. It is difficult for him to find a common language with his family, friends and the opposite sex. All endeavors and aspirations do not match the opportunities. Most often the carrier of zero and two units can not cope with their emotions, which manifests itself in excessive impulsivity. Until such a person finds application to his energy potential, his future will remain under threat.


The number 101 is strong and powerful. It benefits only those who have a high level of spiritual development. For those who strive to become better, to progress in the professional field, zero and two units will contribute to improvement and success. But those who have flaws in character, selfish, shows boorishness to others, it will be difficult to find themselves. The future of such a man is vague until he finds the right application to his forces.

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