Angel numbers

Angel number 717

Are you seeing 717 in your dreams? Here’s what 717 indicates: They’re slow, a little nerdy, they don’t need to spin things around. When the flames did their job, the soldiers collected the ashes and buried them in the snow. All the intrigues he had previously spattered would crumble like a house of cards. Fleeing …

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Angel number 1222

What is the spiritual meaning of 1222? 1+2+2+2=7Meaning of 1222 refers to the sphere of personal and creative development and shows that your personal growth, expressed in the ability to feel and understand people is gaining momentum. It is possible that in the foreseeable future this skill will become your second specialty (psychology, spiritual guidance). …

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Angel number 1144

11:44 on the clock is the meaning sent by the angels to fight despair. The power of double energy, complemented by the support of the angels, will reflect any resentment, dispel doubts and suggest the right decision. It is worth knowing more about what carries the “number of well-being” of double units and quadruples in …

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Angel number 1122

Number 1122=1+1+2+2=6, the teacher teaches you to harmonize the events and make a thin body capable of living in new conditions. To understand, you must learn to see the reflections of all that surrounds you.  You should not be affected by the manifestations of the abominations, ugly things of this world. You understand that this fact lives in you and tries to get you through the destruction of your soul. Number 1122=1(12)2, a nesting doll of number 12, which is a circle of events reflected by our soul and absorbed them in its experience. Current 1 is the very event that we are aware of and 2 is the path of awareness of this event and the birth of a great number of options or reflections.  Every reflection is a harmonisation of the layer of your aura, nothing more. Having experienced the event and calmed the excitement in the aura, you will be surprised that the object of the attack does not remember you at all and he is not interested in you. The secret value of the number 1122=1000×122=122000=1+2+2+000=5000, the wave, tsunami that the world sends to you to break you and you begin to perceive the events as your being. You wonder why everyone is so turned on, but if you look from the outside you have not a living aura, but a petrified dinosaur egg. To develop, you need to perceive the information that the world is trying to convey to you. If that’s not there, you’re dead to the world and you’re going to get hammered. The hidden value of number 1122=1100×22=24200=2+4+2+00=800, you have seen, how dead people drive around in cars which shudder, from rumbling inside music. The time of such individuals is limited and soon they will fall into hell where the rumble is everywhere.  The second latent value of number 1122=1120х2=2240=2+2+4+0=8, karma of events is such that they all are directed not on other people and first of all on the person. Karma destroyer splits the aura of such a demon into 100 parts and he goes into magma to reunite his parts.

Angel number 44

Number 44 in numerology Carriers of number 44 always have a strong biofield and in life are very strong-willed personalities. They are very efficient, talented in organizational and management activities. The main thing is not to bend the stick and not lose self-control. What does the number 44 mean? Representatives of number 44 try to …

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