What are Spiritual Values?

Spiritual values are called the principles or bases that can create a close relationship between man and God, favoring the personal growth of the same, these allow to manifest the personality of each individual in all aspects of his life, as man, husband, worker, and others.

What are Spiritual Values anyway?

Spiritual values ​​highlight all the non-material things in our lives, giving them greater value, which in the same way that the material are of great importance for the day-to-day life.

Among the spiritual values ​​found in the old and new testaments are:

Charity: It is nothing more than compassion for a person other than ourselves, feeling their pain as their own, living their sorrows as their own, yearning for the solution to their problems as if they were living in their own flesh, but most importantly seeking help.

It may be to the neighbor who presents these events without expecting anything in return, that is, being charitable is to raise awareness with the neighbor and help him solve the problem without expecting thanks or remuneration in return.

The hope: To look optimistically at the achievement of the goals while we build the path to achieve them, thanks to the hope human beings go from yearning to fulfill, from dreaming to reaching the dreamed ones, is the engine of life to be able to achieve a planned objective.

Faith: It is the belief that God truly exists and that this is at our disposal to help us solve our daily problems. It is a way of appeasing our anguish, despair and restlessness since having faith in God individuals fully believe that he will help them, filling people with hope. These three values ​​mentioned according to Christian theology (beliefs based on Christ whose theoretical basis is the bible) classify the three as theological virtues.

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